This concept focuses on transforming a traditional pattern into an abstract form of modern shapes and geometry. The box shape is derived from the main shape that the pattern depicts.

The piece is unique of its kind with it color combination of the old and the new, while keeping the nostalgic feel.

Although derived from a traditional pattern of the famous umbrellas in the haram, the pattern shows no direct connection to that artifact itself.

The piece would be made of colored marquetry on the top with a leather base.

The starring aspect of this design comes when a selection of four boxes come together to create a unique shape .

The grand gift holds its exclusive touch with the design of the products inside the gifted box.

It holds four unique redesigned inscent burners (mabkhara) as well as particular boxes for the serving of dates.

Three cylinders at the bottom each carrying a top that continues the pattern to make it whole in option 1; or singular pattern as in option 2.

The key pattern in this box is found on one of the doors in al masjid al nabawi; and has been taken as a initial shape to see its possibilities.