The DGDA notebook cover was a piece that emphasized in particular the targeted client that would receive this piece. It was an item that facilitated the life of anyone who has a busy lifestyle with a need to organize it all in one place. It carries the sizes of all ipads on the market which makes it easier for anyone to change and/or upgrade their tablets and still be able to use this case. It also carries space for business cards, a notebook, and of coarse a pen.

The embossed outline on the cover is highlighting the primary and most eloquent parts of Ad Diriyah including the Salwa Palace, a prominent landmark in Ad Diriyah. The silhouette sheds light on the architectural elements that are beautifully and natural crafted as well as modern structures that are also present in the interiors of the homes in Ad Diriyah.

 This piece is handmade and handcrafted with Natural Italian leather.