The proposed cigar box design is inspired by ad dariyah, a town in saudi arabia, the first saudi state, it is known for its traditional mud-brick of the most renowned buildings in ad dariyah is the salwa palace, once home to the imams of the first saudi state. It was also listed by the unesco as a heritage site.

Two main districts in ad dariyah are al bujairi and al turaif. They are known for their historical importances as well as their traditional architectural structures. The design focuses on creating a mystical and figurative perspective of al diriyah. The repetitive geometrical patterns viewed in the district were imprinted onto the box to reflect the town’s architecure. Th¬¬¬e city’s wall was incorporated around the piece to vividly show its architectural and historical importance.

 The color palette followed a vibrant yet realistic touch that was intended to be achieved. A technique of handmade marqutery will be used using modern dyed birds eye italian veneer.