Location: Riyadh

A government event that took place in riyadh, receiving over 50,000 guests to commemorate the launch of the e-tourist visa for saudi arabia. The event taking place focused on three different elements that were designed for the guests, media, and vip that are attending. First was the prefunctional area; a space that was created to mimic the traditional saudi majlis seating. The majlis was designed with textured rock-like walls resembling the beautiful ladnscapes of al ula. It held a large projector screen that depicted the ongoing projects in saudi arabia for tourism and entertainment as well as different photos and articles about the saudi arabian culture. Second was the mesuem, a very contemporary approach to a museum with strong imagery and historicla references to the history of saudi arabia.  Last was the main hall; the large space in which the theatre, commencement, and dinner took place. This space was inspired by the najdi architecture and patterns where they were reflected in the furniture patterns and ceiling fabrics. The massive outlined wooden décor structure was inspired by the palm tree leaf with its form.